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M.P Taxsmart


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  • The staff is highly trained and experienced thus can handle each client individual needs with high professionalism. Our service includes Bookkeeping services for VAT purposes and Computerization of accounting records.

  • Tax legislation changes constantly thus tax matters of each client are handle personally by the founder of the Company Michael Papamichael. Thus our clients can rely that their tax matters, deadlines are dealt with serious attention by an experience and qualified person.

  • Our office has business associates which handle these services. These are some of leading law firms in Cyprus which provide a wide range of services such as formation of Companies, trusts, nominee services and all other legal matters based on each company needs.

  • Since the business environment constantly changes and becomes more competitive the client’s needs consultation that allows them to adopt the new requirements in order to remain competitive.

  • Reliability


    Achieving the goals we put together is a commitment to you. In MP Taxsmart, we work in a fully transparent environment, informing our customers about every stage of work, and adjusting when our strategies are being imposed to deal with any risks that arise and to arrive with absolute certainty and efficiency in the ultimate goal.

  • Integrity

    Professionalism and ethos are indissolubly linked to the Group and its human resources, and are the key factors in our success.

  • Effectiveness

    The services that our company provides, are based on high quality standar and exclusive partnerships, delivering the goals - and fully meeting the needs and requirements – of each customer.