Our office provides to our clients the new changes and developments based on Cyprus legislation in order to keep them updated.

The staff is highly trained and experienced thus can handle each client individual needs with high professionalism.
Our service includes:
• Bookkeeping services for VAT purposes
• Computerization of accounting records.

Tax legislation changes constantly thus tax matters of each client are handle personally by the founder of the Company Michael Papamichael.
Thus our clients can rely that their tax matters, deadlines are dealt with serious attention by an experience and qualified person.
Taxation involves income tax, corporate tax, capital gains, dividends and defense. We try to maximize the tax benefits of each client while minimize their tax liabilities.
We also provide advises on international tax like double tax treaties.

The Company provides audit work based on high standards set by our Association. Our work is unique to each individual clients needs that help him to indentify its internal control procedures in the most accurate and effective manner in order to improve its work.

The Audit work is carried out by software packages commonly used by all big firms in our Country. The management of our clients can be assured that the results of our tests will be brought to their attention and suitable recommendation will be given to them.

Corporate services
Our office has business associates which handle these services.
These are some of leading law firms in Cyprus which provide a wide range of services such as formation of Companies, trusts, nominee services and all other legal matters based on each company needs.

International Business Company Services
Cyprus has become one of the most leading international business companies center in the world. Cyprus offshore companies offer many competitive advantages with compare will other offshore business centers that make them extremely attractive to serious potential investors that are looking for a stable tax planning regime and a way to minimize tax exposure.

M. P. TAXSMART LTD has been serving International Business Companies over the years thus we have the expertise to deal with their requirements and heeds.

Our office can provide assistance to recruit employees, open bank accounts and through our associates to help them formed a company based on Cyprus legislation.

Management Consulting
Since the business environment constantly changes and becomes more competitive the client’s needs consultation that allows them to adopt the new requirements in order to remain competitive.
Our teams of advisors are highly motivated and experienced and they can provide them with such information in order to improve their productivity and effectiveness.

The office can provide feasibility studies and advises on the following matters:
• Cash flow
• Budgets
• Design of cost control
• human resource management
• Investments
• Mergers and acquisitions

Our firm work closes with the client in order to maximize the business results.